About Us

COME OM was born out of our love for the world of Yoga - the practice and the aesthetics behind it, as well as the great respect and belief in the power of an active lifestyle. Yoga is an accurate key for finding the truth, honesty and beauty that is treasured within each of us and is a great tool for releasing it from within and out into the world.


We aim to spread the tradition of Yoga and awareness for living a healthier and more wellness oriented lifestyle by using refined and elegant pieces that have been designed with great familiarity and dedicated thought towards the needs of the practitioner. COME OM offers activewear and accessories that have been carefully curated, beautiful items that were designed by people whose vision and lifestyle are influenced by the principles of yoga. The selected brands we have chosen to present offer you the love that is inherent in Yoga through beautiful design, quality and efficiency.


COME OM was founded by Tel Aviv based Shiry Hod, a traditional Ashtanga Yoga practitioner (Mysore Style), student of Paramguru Sharath Jois and KPJAYI authorized teacher (Level 1). She holds a BA in Psychology and Jewish Philosophy, and a master's degree in Organizational Behavior and Development. Shiry has been blessed with the ability to travel the world, experience different walks of life and fascinating life perceptions. She has met unforgettable people and eternal teachers along the way and takes an active part in the international Ashtanga yoga community. After years of working in the Israeli fashion and lifestyle ecommerce business, she chose to focus on her greatest love and devote all of her energy on sharing the abundance and great value that the practice has brought into her life with the world.



Practice, Practice, practice. All is coming.

-Shri K. Phattabi Jois


Shiry Hod, COME OM Founder